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With worries about the “Quarantine Fifteen,” exercise and wellness are at the forefront of many people’s minds! 

The HealthJotter can help track all of your health and wellness goals and includes customizable Inserts for tracking a variety of goals! 

These notebooks are perfect for healthcare professionals, fitness enthusiasts, nutritionists, health food shops, yoga studios, wellness centers, groceries, delis, boutiques, bakeries, and anywhere else with a focus on health and wellness! 

This unique notebook design includes a full-color front cover and black chipboard back cover, as well as 70 sheets of stock filler that includes a habit tracker on the left side and a meal tracker on the right side. 

Plus, these HealthJotters can be customized with your own helpful information and guidance on the 2 full-color inserts in the front and back covers! Standard wire is available (black, white, bronze, or silver).

Martini Incentives is happy to offer these convenient HealthJotters at incredibly fit rates, thanks to End-Quantity Pricing!

Cover Options: #6402 Royal Blue - Paperboard, #6404 Orange Chip - Paperboard, #6405 Saddle - Paperboard, #6406 Slate - Paperboard, #6409 Mocha - Paperboard, #6417 Fuchsia - Paperboard, #6421 Lemon - Paperboard, #6422 Cayenne - Paperboard, #6912 Super Clear - Poly, #6922 Black Flute - Paperboard, #6944 Natural Poly (Clear) - Poly, #6957 Black Opaque - Poly, #6997 Red Opaque - Poly, #6999 French Black - Paperboard, #7005 Forest Green - Paperboard, #7018 Midnight Blue - Paperboard, #7029 Natural Chip - Paperboard, #7033 Solid White - Paperboard, #7039 Eco Black Chip - Paperboard, #7051 Wedgewood - Paperboard, #7054 Deep Red - Paperboard, #7055 Gray Chip - Paperboard, #7360 Concord - Paperboard

Be advised: These colors are general representations only. Swatches may vary from actual colors, especially 100% recycled materials, as they are made from raw materials and may vary when new lots are received. For exact colors, please request a random sample or a set of cover swatches. When ordering, please specify both cover color and cover number, to ensure correct sample is sent.

Foil Options: Purple - Satin Metallic POLY, Gloss Black - Gloss POLY, Matte Black - Matte POLY, Gold Metallic - Metallic POLY, Hot Pink - Metallic POLY, Satin Teal - Satin Metallic POLY, White - Matte POLY, Gold Satin - Satin Metallic POLY, Teal - Matte POLY, Bronze - Satin Metallic POLY, Copper - Metallic POLY, Silver Shiny - Metallic POLY, Green No. 1 - Gloss, Green No. 2 - Matte POLY, Green No. 3 - Satin Metallic POLY, Green No. 4 - Matte POLY, Green No. 5 - Metallic POLY, Silver Satin - Satin Metallic POLY, Blue No. 1 - Matte POLY, Blue No. 2 - Matte POLY, Blue No. 3 - Matte POLY, Blue No. 4 - Gloss, Blue No. 5 - Metallic POLY, Blue No. 6 - Metallic POLY, Red No. 1 - Matte POLY, Red No. 2 - Gloss, Red No. 3 - Matte POLY, Red No. 4 - Gloss, Red No. 5 - Satin Metallic POLY, Red No. 6 - Metallic POLY, Green No. 6 - Metallic POLY, Brown - Matte POLY, Orange - Gloss, Yellow - Gloss, Pink - Gloss, New! Luster Rose - Satin Metallic POLY, Luster Gold - Satin Metallic POLY, Luster Silver - Satin Metallic POLY, Holographic - Metallic POLY

POLY: The foils that are marked "P" are indentified as the foils that work best on poly materials.

Color Matching: A close Pantone (PMS) match is sometimes possible using foil, with some limitations. Our standard foils are always in stock. If you don’t see what you need we will be happy to help source an alternative. Non-standard foils may require additional production time and special quotation. For the most accurate Pantone match, screen printing is the recommended imprinting method, although it isn’t available with all cover materials. Please contact us for additional information.

Foil Design Tips: Avoid small type, reverse outs and fine, close lines as they may tend to fill in. Screens and halftones can not be achieved with foil. If you have a particular need, please call the factory and we may be able to offer an alternative. Hairline registration and bleed imprint designs are possible with foil imprinting. Imprints that “bleed” off the edge of the cover do require additional charges. Metallic and gloss black are 100% opaque, but some of our foils may vary in opacity depending on the lightness or darkness of the material on which each is stamped.For the best foil color representation, we recommend our Cover Series 1 Solid White Cover which also has a slight coating for sharpfoil imprinting.







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$52.50 (No Inserts), $125 (with Inserts)

Promotion: Order 100+ for $5.01 each. Valid only thru 12/30/2021.

Price Includes: Full-color front cover. 

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