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Mask Buddy Elite 2" Dye-Sub Head Band with Buttons AMBELS20B

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Wearing a face mask over a long shift can leave ears sore and raw from painful elastic loops. 

Now, you can spare yourself from ear soreness created by the elastic earloops of many face masks with the Mask Buddy Premium!

The Mask Buddy Premium Head Band not only comfortably secures a face mask, but it also provides the other benefits of a headband, like holding hair back and catching sweat.

Designed to support healthcare professionals, the Mask Buddy Head Band is designed with buttons near the ears to hang a mask - sparing your ears from painful elastic! 

As well as healthcare providers, the Mask Buddy Premium is a great options for boutiques, restaurants, banks, and anywhere else where it is a must to keep a mask secure for hours on end!

Martini Incentives is happy to offer the comfortable and convenient Mask Buddy Premium at prices that will spare you a headache, thanks to our EQP (End Quantity Pricing) rates!

Production Time: Standard - 5 Business Days After Proof Approval

Product Dimensions: 9 3/8" L x 1 15/16" W

Imprint Area: 9" W x 1.5" H (9" W x 1 1/2" H)

Imprint Method: Dye-Sublimated

Material Type: 100% Polyester

Country of Origin: China

Dye-Sub Color: Dye-sublimation is a CMYK printing process, however PMS color call out is preferred as a more universal method of communicating expected printed color outcome with this printing process. PMS colors that are called out will be matched as close as possible. Exact PMS or CMYK color match not available. For BEST results, supply vector artwork and call out PMS - Solid Coated colors. Art files that are submitted as bitmap, jpg or files with gradients cannot be printed with PMS values.

Flatbed Dye-Sub Seam: Due to the nature of flatbed dye-sublimation, product will have a "seam" on each edge. Creases in the fabric cannot be avoided. Creases could prevent color or imprint from printing inside the small fabric crease, resulting in small white spaces where creases occur. We recommend keeping logos 1/2" away from product edges or creases.

Mask Buddy Elite Imprint: The front and back side imprints must be repeated (continuous) and cannot have an imprint or phrase be once. The imprint cannot be placed into a specific spot on the item. The background patterns must also be continuous and imprints must be able to repeat infinitely without a break in the pattern when you match up one front end of the pattern to another end of the pattern. Because of the movement of the machine, each item will be unique from the next. Imprints will go directly under the buttons.








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$45.00 per imprint design

Promotion: Order 100+ for $2.37 each. Valid thru 12/31/2021.

Disclaimer: Pricing subject to change. Please confirm pricing and inventory with our customer service team before ordering.

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