Child Resistant Mylar Bags

Child Resistant Mylar Bags 

Child Resistant Mylar Bag with Custom Printing

Custom cannabis packaging is the ultimate marketing for your cannabis brand. It shows off your logo, elevates your brand, and tells the customer something about who you are as a company.

Mylar bags are the best packaging options for cannabis products. They protect against moisture, light, and insects. They extend the shelf life of products by creating an oxygen barrier.

You can get custom printed mylar bags for your cannabis products with Martini Incentives is your best source for custom printed mylar bags. Our bags have child-resistant zippers, and our bags are ready to be customized with your logo.

Our mylar bags are designed to keep your brand compliant with local and state regulations. Our bags are resealable and can be heat-sealed on the top seal for manufacturers. Available in blank and custom branded with your logo. We can also custom design any size based on your needs. Please contact our team to discuss your branding needs.



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