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Child-resistant Pouches


Often made from materials like Mylar, these bags are designed with a primary focus on safety, particularly in homes where children may come into contact with potentially hazardous items. 


These pouches are considered child-resistant due to several key features and design elements that make them challenging for young children to open.


1. Special Closure Mechanisms: Child-resistant pouches are equipped with innovative closure mechanisms that require a combination of steps or actions to open. These mechanisms often include push-and-turn caps, zippers with child-resistant locks, or sliders that require dexterity and coordination beyond a child's capability.


2. Advanced Barrier Materials: The materials used to manufacture child-resistant pouches, including Mylar, are selected for their durability and resistance to tearing or puncturing. Mylar, in particular, is known for its strength and protective qualities, making it difficult for children to access the contents inside.


3. Rigorous Testing: Child-resistant pouches undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards. These tests involve assessing the ability of young children to open the pouches. If a pouch passes these tests, it is deemed child-resistant.


4. Deterrence Features: In addition to secure closures, child-resistant pouches may incorporate features designed to discourage children from attempting to open them, such as warning labels or graphics that signal the need for caution.


5. Child Safety Regulations: Child-resistant packaging is often a legal requirement for certain products, especially those that pose a risk to children if ingested or handled. Regulatory agencies set specific guidelines for child-resistant packaging, and manufacturers must comply with these standards.


Child-resistant Mylar bags and pouches are engineered to provide an additional layer of safety for households with young children. Their design complexity, use of robust materials, testing procedures, and compliance with safety regulations collectively contribute to their child-resistant classification. These pouches play a crucial role in preventing accidental access to potentially harmful substances, making them an essential choice for childproof packaging in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cannabis, and household chemicals.


Supporting virtually all markets including


  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning products
  • Detergents
  • Fertilizers
  • Nutraceutical products
  • CBD
  • Cannabis

Why Martini Incentives?

At Martini Incentives, we are trailblazers in the child-resistant packaging industry. Our team comprises trusted experts who are well-versed in creating innovative solutions for secure packaging. We take pride in our collaborative approach with our customers, working alongside them from the initial package concept to the final product.


Our commitment to excellence and safety is unwavering. Our lab-certified pouches not only meet but exceed industry standards, drastically reducing lead times and ensuring you have the child-resistant packaging you need when you need it.


Martini Incentives offers a wide range of pouch styles, all fully customizable to suit your unique requirements. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, so we work with you to create packaging that not only safeguards the contents but also reflects your brand's identity.


Choose Martini Incentives for unparalleled expertise, dedication to safety, and a wide array of customizable pouch options. We're here to help you protect what matters most

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