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Martini Incentives CR Boxes

Optimize Your Cartridge Packaging for Safety and Style


Martini Incentives Custom Shipper Box

Mandated by many states, child-resistant packaging is a must if you're retailing cartridges. To ensure utmost safety, brands are increasingly gravitating towards boxes specifically designed to deter child access, especially for live resin and oil cartridges. These child-resistant boxes often feature a side button demanding sufficient pressure and coordinated action to access the inner tray.

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  • Many coating options including matte, soft touch, spot UV, foil, and more.

Martini Incentives Custom Shipper Box Die Cut

Beyond the Cardboard Box

Martini Incentives Custom CR Metal Tins

Metal tins, emerging as a popular trend, offer a sophisticated alternative to the traditional cardboard packaging. These child-resistant metal tins, with their premium feel, are perfect for housing pre-roll cones, edibles, mints, and a plethora of cannabis and CBD products. While their cost is slightly higher, the longevity of the packaging ensures prolonged brand visibility. Often, these metal hinge tins are designed with pressure-sensitive notches or exterior buttons, rigorously tested to meet child-resistance standards. The interior is typically equipped with a plastic or silicone tray tailored to house multiple pre-roll cones or a select quantity of edibles.

Custom Packaging Solutions by Martini Incentives

Entrust your packaging needs with the Martini Incentives team. From designing to crafting, we specialize in creating child-resistant boxes tailored for cartridges, syringes, vape batteries, and more. No concept is too challenging for us, and our extensive mold designs are primed to cater to your unique packaging requirements. Let's pioneer the next wave of packaging together.


Need Blank Mylar Bags?

Check out our blank mylar bags in stock and ready to ship.

Child Resistant Exit Bag 12” X 9” - 250 Count

Child Resistant Exit Bag 8” X 6” - 250 Count

Need Custom Jars? 

Check out our Square Jars: blank clear and matte black are in stock and ready to ship, or custom order with your brand logo to save time on labeling.

Martini Incentives Custom Child Resistant Jars

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Martini Incentives - Child Resistant Boxes
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Child-Resistant Box

Child-Resistant Boxes by Martini Incentives

For discerning packaging buyers who prioritize both child safety and brand aesthetics.

Safety Mechanism

Premium Safety

With a meticulous design, our boxes prioritize child safety, ensuring your product's security and your consumers' peace of mind.

Range of Chic Boxes

Stylish Presentation

Aesthetically pleasing, our boxes offer a sleek design that caters to upscale brands, adding an aura of premium quality.

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