How Does End Quantity Pricing Work? Promotional Info Inside

Whenever you’ve scrolled through an online product catalog, have you ever noticed a chart like this? 

Quantity 48 72 144
Price $12.99 $11.99 $10.99

Quite simply: the more of a promotional item that you purchase, the less that each of those items will cost.

If you are hoping to add your brand to a pen or notebook or any other item, then it would seem the most prudent to order more of an item than you need – but then you’re stuck 

Eliminating this issue is one of the many benefits of End Quantity Pricing, or EQP (sometimes called End Column Pricing, or ECP) – something that allows people to buy smaller quantities for the per-unit amount listed in the furthest column to the right.

Our strong connections with our manufacturing partners means that we can pass along the savings to our clients.

To use the above table, Martini Incentives has deals with manufacturers that allow us to make 48 of something for the per-unit cost of 144 – for a cost of $527.52, rather than $623.52. As you can see, this allows us to save our clients massively on the budget required for production. 

If you’re in need of any promotional products, get in contact with the team here at Martini Incentives to see just how much we can save you with End Quantity Pricing.