Boost Your Supplement Sales with Custom Printed Packaging

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Boost Your Supplement Sales

Mylar bags have become one of the most popular packaging options in the last few years. You must also have bought some products packed in such bags. These bags aren’t only efficient in keeping the quality of food intact but also extremely convenient to use.


You can use them to pack supplements along with other food and beverages as well. But, you need to choose the right mylar bags to serve your purpose. We suggest finding the right company for custom mylar bags with logos as this will help in raising brand awareness. Customized mylar bags can actually boost your supplement sales but this requires considering various factors for its packaging.


Here are some of the most important things you cannot miss while buying custom mylar exit bags for supplement packaging.


Things To Consider While Buying Custom Mylar Bags For Supplement Packaging


Filling Process:


The foremost thing you need to consider before buying custom mylar bags is understanding how you will fill your products in them. Some people believe that only small businesses are supposed to choose custom mylar bags for advertising their brand but that’s not true.


Even large-scale businesses use such bags to leave a lasting impression on their customers. You can choose a zipper-style opening to facilitate the entire filling process. You can also opt for fully automated filling or use an automated filling system to expedite production.




The pouch style you want is another thing you cannot miss when choosing mylar bags. When you go for customized ones, you can ask the service provider to customize the bags according to your needs. You must also consider the serving sizes to choose the appropriate pouch style.


For example, a pouch featuring a lay-flat configuration will be ideal for low serving sizes. On the other hand, a standup pouch featuring an expandable bottom, also called a gusset will be suitable for large serving sizes. Standup pouches are better as they eliminate the necessity of the retail shelf carton as they are designed in a way that they don’t need an extra support system. You can ask your service provider regarding all the pouch styles they offer to choose the best ones.




Yes! You also have to be sure of the materials the pouch will be made from. Customizing gives you complete control of how you want your mylar bags to appear. You can ask the experts to choose the right material taking into consideration the products you’re going to pack in those bags.


For example, products like solid chocolate have low sensitivity to moisture and oxygen, unlike potato chips that go stale really quickly as soon as they’re exposed to natural external elements. We suggest business owners decide on the mylar bag finish and print before making a decision about materials to eliminate further complications.




Martini Incentives allows customers to customize mylar bags in their own desired way without any compromises. No matter whether you want a metallic effect on your custom print mylar bags or need a clear gusset. You can also decide on the type of opening you want on your mylar bags. Whether you want zippers, hang holes, or tear notches, we can help.


  • Zippers allow the customers the flexibility to reseal the mylar bags and keep the products fresh for a longer duration of time. Some products are there that require using child resistant mylar bags to protect children from consuming a product harmful to them.


  • Hang holes are one of the excellent ways to add extra display options. It also allows easy placement of your products across all the retail chains.


  • Tear notches are nothing but just a small cut above the zipper to facilitate the easy opening of the mylar bags. Customers also don’t need a scissor or any other tool to cut them.




Manufacturing custom print mylar bags will definitely require more time as the company will need to make arrangements to serve your specific needs. We recommend you check whether you have emergency requirements or if you have enough time.


However, choosing the right company like Martini Incentives will be able to assist you with your requirements and ensure on-time delivery.


Planning Wisely:


Considering the diversification of your product is equally important before buying mylar bags. Planning ahead considering your plans related to your product will help you cut down on unnecessary expenses later. For instance, a business may launch just chocolate chip cookies today but may have a plan to introduce other cookie flavors as well. So pre-planning for multiple SKUs will save you money eventually. After all, ordering bulk costs less.




Last, but not the least, how can we forget about the cost? Custom mylar exit bags will definitely cost more than the non-customized version but, it eventually increases your sales in the long term. So, aren’t they worth your investment? Well, as packaging experts, we recommend custom mylar bags for packaging a wide variety of products because of their high ROI.


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Martini Incentives is one of the leading companies providing custom mylar bags with logos. We ensure the use of eco-friendly ink to reduce your business's carbon footprint. Our experts are persistently involved in using cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing of high-quality custom mylar bags. Check our website and place your order now.

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