Easy Tips to Improve Your Cannabis Branding with Custom Packaging

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With over 25,000 distinct brands of cannabis and CBD now on the market it can be a challenge for brands to effectively grab the attention of customers inside local dispensaries. When you visit your local dispensary or smoke shop it can be overwhelming and almost intimidating by the number of guests that are in line and the rapid-fire decisions that consumers make when they are inside trying to pick the right product. Education in the cannabis and CBD markets are still in very nascent stages and certain brands are standing out with packaging that is clean and eye-catching. Brands like Cookies, Select, Strains, and others are quickly gaining market share by the simple fact that they are packaging their products in ways that CPG brands like Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Chobani and others have in the traditional shopping store space.

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            One of the easiest ways to differentiate your product on the shelf among the other hundreds of SKUs is by being sure you have a bar, jar, pre-roll tube, etc that clearly identifies your brand and one that is consistently recognizable. Brands like Select use a white background with a black logo and simple copy and product information on the front to identify what the product is so that it is easy for the budtender and customer to read and select the product that is ideal for their consumption preferences. There are several great ways to make your stand up mylar pouches pop and grab the attention of both existing and new customers who are waiting to learn about your products.


            Some of the best ways to add that extra pop is with foil printing or spot UV print. Foil has a shimmer that is sure to grab the attention and gold has that high perceived value when someone sees it for the first time. Another way to further invoke curiosity is to use spot UV printing on specific areas of your artwork design, such as your logo or on the product image on the front of the bags. The team at Martini Incentives works with hundreds of growers from the startup to the largest ones that sell multi-state, and the most popular bags tend to be ones with a matte finish that have spot UV print on the logo or product. These brands have an edge on the shelf that helps gain the attention when customers are in the dispensaries and result in higher sales. There are simply too many brands in the marketplace, and we have seen first-hand that the Apple style of branding is where brands are moving to further develop brand loyalty. Everyone knows the Apple logo or the McDonald’s logo and now that cannabis and CBD is here to stay in the marketplace it is time to not only grow and make an amazing product but one that is packaged brilliantly and that will be easily remembers for the next time your customers return.


            Custom printed bags and jars are also ideal for gummies to aid with generating new sales. Many jar and bag manufacturers have remarkably high minimums that might make it seem cost prohibitive to invest into custom branded jars and bags. This is not the model that Martini Incentives offers their clients, and we are helping many startup growers and manufactures with our in-house design team for every type of custom packaging need. Martini Incentives offers everything from custom pre-roll tubes to child resistant bags and boxes to exit bags and jars. There is no product that we cannot find a solution to brand to give your brand and products and edge over the competition.

Martini Incentives mylar cbd bags custom 

The hardest part is getting customers to choose your product. Without the suggestion of the budtender or a brand representative the best way to do this is with packaging that will create curiosity when someone new sees it. Once you have acquired the customer, all that you need to be sure is that your product tastes good, leaves little after taste, and you will have earned a customer for an exceptionally long time. Does your brand need help in designing the best packaging to give you an edge over your competitors? If so, then contact our team today and we can be your guide to design and produce the best cannabis and CDB packaging in the market.

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