Why Mylar Bags Are the Best for Cannabis Packaging

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Why Mylar Bags Are the Best for Cannabis Packaging

Custom mylar bags are one of the most useful and efficient packaging items, and they are being used by CPG companies and cannabis entrepreneurs. This is so that a variety of commodities can be kept for a long time due to the layers' protection and extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

Given that they are prevalent in most markets, there is a good probability that you have dealt with one before. They consist of thick, plastic-like material and often have a slick surface. They are quite well-liked in part due to their defense and odor-proof qualities.

They are perfect for packaging pretty much everything, from food to chemical substances, but marijuana packaging continues to benefit the most. Many marijuana entrepreneurs are using printed mylar bags as more nations begin to legalize the use of cannabis.

Mylar bags work well for storing dry herbs and other forms of marijuana, such as weed, for extended periods of time.

We'd like to emphasize the benefits of using custom mylar bags for packaging cannabis in this article. Come with us.

They help the content remain fresh and potent for the best quality

Custom Printed Mylar Child Resistant Exit Bags - 12” X 9”

Weed bags shield pollutants from marijuana products and stop the items' natural disintegration. Cannabis mylar bags are odor-resistant, so marijuana manufacturers don't have to worry about receiving complaints about their strongly scented products.

Numerous cannabis-related items release quite potent scents that many non-users could find unpleasant. If you own a cannabis business, smell-proof weed mylar bags are ideal since they keep the smell from escaping the packing.

They assist in preserving the freshness of your items for the necessary amount of time and safeguard the contents from contaminants.

They are specifically made for concealment

A typical mylar bag is constructed of a number of laminated layers of plastic and metal. A mylar bag is ideal for concealment because your products are undetectable to customers who prefer discretion about their marijuana consumption.

Many cannabis markets need opacity, so as a cannabis business owner, you must keep this in mind when you look for packaging options for dispensaries. These pot packaging bags reduce the chance of seizure, loss, and theft because they are unnoticeable.

Mylar bags are child-resistant


Custom Printed Child Resistant Mylar Exit Bags - 8” X 6”


Cannabis needs to be packed in a product that offers protection because it is dangerous to children and young adults who are under the legal drinking age. Because they are resistant to children, mylar bags are ideal for this. Children cannot reach the contents that they could misuse since they follow the safety guidelines set forth by the CPG industry regulators.

The best place to buy mylar weed bags

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