Benefits of Custom Mylar Packaging: How It Can Take Your Products To The Next Level?

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 As of today, custom mylar bags are widely accepted out of an increasing sale of nutritional supplements, ready-to-eat items, and medicinal products in the market. This flexible packaging market (such as mylar packaging) is anticipated to reach $237 billion by 2028, from $176 billion in 2021. A large part of the market is custom mylar packaging, which has promoted the packaging industry with its unique ideas and design. 

This kind of flexible packaging choice is offering advantages to several product manufacturers. The branding and marketing efforts of today’s businesses are greatly enhanced by custom mylar bags with logoMylar bags can be customized to meet specific packaging requirements using advanced design techniques. In the retail world, mylar bags are widely used in the market. Because they’re excellent for transporting food, herbal, skincare, and nutritional products. 

Here we’ll outline the major advantages of custom mylar bags for your products, along with different types of mylar bags available in the market. So, let’s begin the discussion with –

What is Mylar Packaging?

Introduced in 1952, mylar packaging is the trademark name of DuPont Teijin Films’ PET film. Mylar is a type of BoPET (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate) film that’s frequently used as plastic packaging in a wide range of industries, including several packaged foods. Even though it’s a DuPont trademarked term for a particular film, this term is frequently used to refer to any plastic film in the industry. 

Hence, Mylar is a brand name for a particular kind of packaging material. When referring to the best kind of bags that product manufacturers would mostly prefer to use to package goods, many people use the term “mylar packaging” interchangeably with “plastic film packaging”. And so, custom printed mylar bags are extremely useful to take your products to the next level.

Custom Printed Mylar Child Resistant Exit Bags - 12” X 9”

Major Benefits Of Using Customer Mylar Bags For Your Products

Regardless of whether you call it “mylar” or “plastic packaging”, the following are major advantages of using mylar bags –


  • Moisture And Odor Resistance:

Most foodstuffs, herbal supplements, medicinal, and nutritional products require special protection to keep them fresh and prevent spilling of odor. The high-barrier films used in smell proof custom mylar packaging are effective to prevent moisture from entering your products while also keeping smells and odors out. It helps your product to retain its quality while remaining fresh for longer. You further don’t have to worry about odor escaping and causing an embarrassing problem to your products.


  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Option: 

Most of the brands prefer to go with environmentally safe packaging options to parcel a range of products for their business. Everyone is concerned about environmental protection at present, so selecting a packaging option that won’t impact the ecosystem is extremely important. To go with an eco-friendly approach to your packaging strategy, you are suggested to look for vendors that offer packaging, which is completely recyclable and has the latest features.


  • Tear And Puncture Resistance: 

For food and supplement vendors, custom mylar bags are extremely advantageous to package and transport their products to various parts of the world. Plastic flexible packaging is perfect to withstand tear and puncture, which will ensure the complete safety of your products. It’s further important to retain certain products away from children and preserve their freshness. And so, mylar packaging is made to ensure puncture resistance and non-tearing during transport, handling by the customer, or on the shelf.


  • Resealable Closures: 

To keep your products intact and prevent odor from leaking, you need to choose resealable closures, which are airtight as well as watertight to ensure your packages can accommodate the maximum portion. And so, most reliable vendors will offer custom packaging with press-to-close zippers, ensuring children's safe zippers, and even no zipper choices.


  • Excellent Finish To Make Your Product Stand Out: 

There’s a range of material options available in the market, although custom mylar bags with logo are just perfect for today’s businesses. A flexible packaging option (including mylar packaging) ensures offer excellent finish to make your products stand out in the crowd. Also, it comes with customization options available to make your packaging stand out on the shelves are endless. And if it’s printed with the latest digital printing technology, there are several options (including matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metalized) to make your product appear unique and great.

Custom Printed Child Resistant Mylar Exit Bags - 8” X 6”


  • Preserve The Temperature: 

Mylar bags are resistant to temperature change, which is excellent to keep your products at their original temperature. They can stop heat from entering or exiting the bags. They will keep the items in the right possible condition. When you need to ship things that are very sensitive to heat, these bags are a very reliable and affordable option to select. 


  • Prevent The Air: 

If you are a vendor of foodstuffs, spices, or herbs, it’s important to keep them away from bacteria-laden air. Or else, the products will lose their texture as well as become contaminated by the air. It might make herbs harden. As a result, to keep your goods safe until their expiration dates, you should purchase custom printed mylar bags that are completely sealed.


  • Protect Against Light: 

Several products can be damaged by UV rays or intense sunlight. Many packaging bags will lose their color as a result, but mylar bags will not be affected. The material used in mylar product bags prevents UV light from entering. Besides, you can undoubtedly move products to various districts without breaking the packs during conveyance.


  • Customizable Options: 

You can add customizable features to your mylar product packaging bags to make them look and feel better. To set your products apart from the competition, you can also create unique designs for the size and shape of mylar bags. Aside from that, the colors have a significant impact on how customers should perceive the nature of your product. Red or black colors can be printed on spices. For mylar herb bags, you can choose straightforward colors. Additionally, you can make straightforward mylar packaging by selecting pastel hues. You can also use custom fonts to print typography to get people to buy your products.

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Mylar bags will be extremely useful for business promotion due to their contact information and brand information. You can make the bags more charming by cutting out the windows. These flexible bags look very expensive and attract greater numbers of customers. It's due to the fact that customers can quickly review the products because they are visible to them. These bags can also be hung in stores by adding a hanger.

When it comes to the safe transportation and preservation of cannabis products, custom mylar bags are an excellent packaging option. They are solid, non-permeable, cut-safe, and most extraordinary for smell-sealing. And so, you can choose from a variety of designs to meet your packaging requirements. If you want to explore more about the advantages of using mylar bags, you can simply contact us right now!

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